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How to control Fingerbot via Alexa voice assistant?

A Fingerbot Bridge is needed to connect Fingerbot with Alexa. Before setting up the Alexa skill, you can verify the Fingerbot-Bridge connection first: 1. Turn off the system Bluetooth of your phone. 2. Open the Adaprox Home app and refresh the device panel by pulling down it then releasing. 3. Check if your Fingerbot is online. The Fingerbot's connection indicator should contain both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi icons. After this, you can follow the steps on https://www.adaprox.io/alexa-setup to connect your Fingerbot to Alexa.

How to connect Fingerbot to Google Home voice assistant?

As Google recently postponed the review of new Google Home Assistant actions since June due to COVID-19, we are temporarily unable to provide our voice control service in this platform. It is estimated the action can be released in late September. Sorry for the inconvenience. When it is released, you can follow the instructions in https://www.adaprox.io/google-home-setup.

Where can I find the 3D-printing template of Fingerbot's tool arms?

You can get the template in https://www.adaprox.io/toolpack.

Why does Siri fail to control Fingerbot?

Please make sure Fingerbot is not connected by the app when you try to use the Siri command. This is because Fingerbot only allows one incoming Bluetooth connection at one time.

Why does the device fail to connect to Wi-Fi?

Please ensure the Wi-Fi you try to connect to is 2.4GHz (not 5GHz). To test if the router causes the connection problem, you can setup a mobile hotspot and try to pair your device to it.

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