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The world's smallest robot for smartly controlling any buttons & switches. Retrofit the dumb light switch, remotely turn on your office computer, and schedule the coffee machine every morning.
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Home Security
Protect your family by 24/7 abnormality detection of door opening, water leak, human motion as well as atmosphere change, and provide essential trigger conditions for smart home automation.
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IR Remote
A Wi-Fi controlled box mimics the Infrared signals from your traditional remotes to smartly control your existing IR appliances. Get it now and start using your smartphone to control your A/C, TV, stereo, and much more!
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Play with millions of light colors and decorate your house with creative ambiance. Control lights in the entire house simply via App or voice, and set up smart lighting routines for home automation.
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Adaprox Home App
Powered by Adaprox cloud services, the App provides a convenient and reliable user experience.
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Customer Support
View the latest product guides and seek one-to-one assistance from a product specialist.
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Adaprox is always happy to embrace any potential cooperation to promote the popularity of home automation.
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