World's smallest robot for smartly controlling any buttons & switches

Switch lights via App, activate vacuum with voice, and remotely power on your office PC. Now all these become effortless with Fingerbot.


Coffee Scheduler

Prepare your favorite coffee every morning

Vacuum Driver

Activate the robot vacuum cleaner via App or Voice

Air-con Remote

Remotely turn on/off the air-conditioner

Light Switcher

Turn on/off your switch with single Fingerbot


​Fingerbot ToolPack

The modular design allows users to replace Fingerbot's arm. The tool pack of Fingerbot extends its capability in various cases.


The arm goes down then goes up

Short Arm

Click taller button with short arm

Long Arm

Click deeper button with long arm

Press & Hold

Press and hold the button to switch status

Rocker Arm

Push down to turn on and pull up to turn off

Ring Arm

Push forward to turn on and pull backward to turn off

Fingerbot Bridge:

Easy Connect

Working with Fingebot Bridge, the robot can be controlled remotely from anywhere on the planet via the Internet. All the cloud services such as cloud scheduling and voice control will be available for Fingerbot.


Adaprox Home

Mobile App

Adaprox Home App controls and manages all your Fingerbots and bridges. Switching, adjusting and scheduling are now available with a simple tap.

Shop Now

Single Kit

10% OFF

Fingerbot x1 + ToolPack x1



Entry Kit

20% OFF

Fingerbot x2 + ToolPack x1 + Bridge x1



Pop Kit

30% OFF

Fingerbot x4 + ToolPack x2 + Bridge x1





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