Door/Window Sensor
Open/close status detection
Easy installation | Instant response | Home automation
Contact status monitoring
The sensor detects the open/close status of a door, window or drawer, sending an instant notification to you when the status changed.

Suitable for multiple scenarios

Turn on lights when the door opens

Used with Adaprox LUMI smart lighting products, the sensor will be your best doorman, turning on your hallway lights when you get home, and turning off all lights when you leave.

Sound an alarm when the door opens unusually

When using with Adaprox Siren Alarm, you can set your sensor to trigger the alarm during your usual sleeping hours, and always enjoy a sound sleep.

No more sneaking snacks, children

Installed on the cookie jar, the Adaprox door sensor will push you notifications when the jar is opened or the sensor is tempered. And there are much more scenarios for you to discover!

Tough for intruder, but easy for you
Install the sensor on doors, safes, windows, or drawers, you can relax knowing that your home and loved ones are safe and protected.
Home automation is smart and simple
Powered by Adaprox cloud services, the sensor can be part of home automation. Once the window is opened, the Adaprox smart plug will turn off your air purifier immediately.

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