Set up timers and schedules for Fingerbot

You can set two types of timers and schedules in the app: local and cloud.

Fingerbot stores local timers and schedules. And our cloud service stores your cloud schedules. The cloud will send the Fingerbot a command to trigger itself when the time comes. Like other cloud services, your Fingerbot must be assigned a HomeHub Bluetooth to work.

To set local timers and schedules, please open the Fingerbot's settings panel by long-pressing its icon in the app. The middle icon at the bottom bar allows you to set the local timers and schedules. Each fingerbot can store up to one count-down timer and four schedules simultaneously.

If you want to set more than four schedules for a Fingerbot. Please consider purchasing a HomeHub Bluetooth for setting up cloud schedules. Tap the middle icon at the bottom bar. It allows you to manage cloud services. You can add a cloud schedule by tapping the 'add' icon on the top-right corner.