Set up a loop program for Fingerbot Plus

Only Fingerbot Plus (model: ADFB0301, ADFB0302, ADFB0303) natively supports a loop program.

To customize your program, please first long-press the Fingerbot's icon in the app. Select the device mode to program. After setting your Fingerbot to program mode, you can make adjustments.

The program has three major settings to be adjusted:

  1. Repeat times: It refers to how many times the device should loop over the program. If you want your Fingerbot to work until the battery runs out or is manually stopped, please select the 'Forever' option.
  2. Default position: It refers to where the Fingerbot should stay after the program finishes.
  3. Actions: You can add up to eight actions in this section. Fingerbot will operate each action one by one and start over. Each of them has two attributes: movement and delay. Movement refers to where the arm of the Fingerbot should move to, and delay refers to how long (up to four hours) the Fingerbot should wait before it operates the following action.

After finishing your program customization, you can start and stop the program by clicking the Fingerbot panel in the app.


Note: Touch control is disabled when Fingerbot is in program mode, even if it is not operating.