About Us

Adaprox dedicates to the design and production of user-friendly smart home products. We provide smart home products at high-quality and affordable prices. Our user-friendly mobile apps make it possible for you to quickly set up the devices and easily get along with all your smart devices. Our mission is to connect every unconnected home to the Internet of Things and make it a SMART HOME.

With our convenient smart home solutions, you can remotely turn on/off your air conditioner, schedule the power cycle of your existing heater, set up for convenient home automation, and decorate your house with creative smart lighting ambiances. With the sophisticated user interface/experience design, Adaprox makes the daunting smart home technology easy to be used.

The Adaprox all-in-one smart home system aims to make your life smarter and easier. Meet Adaprox and its latest IoT technologies, and enjoy the fantastic home automation it brings.