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Adaprox Fingerbot is the world’s smallest robot for smartly controlling different types of buttons and switches. It can control your existing home appliances with robotic clicks. Switch lights via App, schedule a morning coffee, activate your vacuum cleaner with voice command, and remotely power on your office PC. Now all these become effortless with Fingerbot.

Device Power

The power switch is on the back of Fingerbot. To start, please turn the switch from OFF to the ON.

Battery Status Monitoring and Charging

We suggest fully charging Fingerbot before first use. To charge, please: 

1. Connect the USB Type-C cable provided in the Fingerbot package to a general power adapter.

2. Connect the other end of the cable to your Fingerbot. 

When fully charged, the indicator light will turn from red to green. You can monitor the specific battery level by connecting Fingerbot with the App.

App Installation

Adaprox Home App is the mobile platform for controlling Adaprox devices. You can search "Adaprox Home" in the mobile application store to install the App.

Device Reset

To reset your Fingerbot, turn it off for 2 seconds and turn it on for another 2 seconds. Repeat such action 3 times consecutively, that is "on-off-on-off-on-off-on". Fingerbot will be reset automatically when the indicator light flashes purple. 

Device Pairing

After resetting the device, open the App and go to the “Add a device” page. Click the Fingerbot button. Ensure the system Bluetooth of your smartphone is enabled and Fingerbot shall be discovered automatically. After device pairing, the Fingerbot will be registered to your account and it is ready to be controlled.

Device Control


After the device is connected successfully, click the “Device” tab at the bottom bar. The button presenting the bulb will appear in the device collection panel. You can click it to switch the power state of the bulb.


Long press the device button to go to the device control page where there are more adjustment options such as device mode and arm movement settings.

Device Installation

To install your Fingerbot:

1. Clean the surface of the button panel where you want to install the Fingerbot.

2. Attach it to the panel using a double-sided tape provided in the Fingerbot package.

3. Connect your Fingerbot with the App and calibrate the movement of the Fingerbot’s robotic arm to fit the button. The "Down Movement'' parameter should be set to the value at which the Fingerbot’s arm can just press the button. Note:  Improper movement settings may bring additional resistance and reduce the life of your Fingerbot.

4. After installation, we recommend resting the device for 24 hours to reach maximum adhesion.

Robotic Arm Extension

With the modular design, the Fingerbot’s arm is replaceable in order to meet different needs in diverse situations. We officially designed three types of Fingerbot arms and include them in the Fingerbot ToolPack (needs to be purchased separately). Also, we provide free 3D-printing templates for you to design customized Fingerbot arms. Visit to download the digital files.


The product is not waterproof. Do not install it on an underwater appliance.

The product contains a lithium battery, therefore prohibited in the humid, high-temperature environment.

Do not hinder the movement of the Fingerbot's arm when it is working. Otherwise it may cause the arm to fall off and damage the motor inside the Fingerbot.

Voice Assistant Setup
Connect your Adaprox smart devices to third-party voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Home and Amazon Alexa for more convenient experience.
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