Fingerbot ToolPack

World's smallest robot for smartly controlling any buttons & switches

Switch lights via App, activate vacuum with voice, and remotely power on your office PC. Now all these become effortless with Fingerbot.

How it works

The modular design allows users to replace Fingerbot's arm. The tool pack of Finergbot extends its capability in various cases.


The arm goes down then goes up

Short Arm

Click taller button with short arm

Long Arm

Click deeper button with long arm

Press & Hold

Press and hold the button to switch status

Rocker Arm

Push down to turn on and pull up to turn off

Ring Arm

Push forward to turn on and pull backward to turn off


3D-Print Your Unique 

Fingerbot Arm

With the 3D-Printing technique, you can customize Fingerbot's tool arm to fit any unique use cases. We provide a digital 3D-printing template that specifies the interface shapes and parameters.

Fingerbot ToolPack

Package of Fingerbot's Tool Arms

Normal Arm

Short/Long Arm

Rocker Arm

Ring Arm


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