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SwitchRobot intelligently adapts traditional switches for wireless control, and it can be conveniently applied in various scenarios for its multiple functions. Learn more


With SwitchRobot, traditional switches can be remotely controlled.


SwitchRobot can be easily installed on your switch panel without the need of electricians.



SwitchRobot can automatically switch to the specified status when time is up.


Battery life is more than 3 mouths. Bluetooth Low Power technology is utilized.


Our mobile app Adaprox Controller brings easy control for all the devices.


Simple & Smart Design

Simple Installation

Other smart switches on the market require the replacement of your original switch and this usually needs help from an electrician. With SwitchRobot, you don't need to worry about the installation. It is quite simple.

Smart Control

Just like traditional home switches, SwitchRobot keeps the functionality of touch control. In addition, SwitchRobot can be wirelessly controlled by Adaprox Controller App on your smartphone. Future functionalities like timer switch and voice control are integrated. 

How it Works

Robotic Mechanism 

SwitchRobot has a robotic arm that is able to push and change the status of a switch button. 

Magnet Attraction

With the magnet board, users can easily attach SwitchRobot to the switch panel via magnet attraction. When charging needed, simply take off SwitchRobot from the board with no need for additional tools.

Controller App

Adaprox Controller App is a multi-functional control center of all the Adaprox products. In the app, you can turn the switch on/off with one click and even turn you SwitchRobot into an SOS alert when you are in an emergency.  Learn more

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