Grant device access to your home member

You can invite your family members to your home in Adaprox Home App and grant the device access with them. You can follow the steps below in this guide to do so.

Step 1

Ask your family member to register an Adaprox Home account before your invitation.

Step 2

Click the third button on the bottom bar to go to the Me page, then long press the button representing the home that you want to invite someone to.

Step 3

Click the Add member button to enter the Invite Member page.

Step 4

Provide the information of the member you want to invite. After filling all the blanks, click the invite button to submit the invitation. Please note that you can assign each family member to a different role. The common member can only control the device, while the administrator is able to add, remove and manage all the devices and members in the home.

Step 5

Once the invitation is successfully sent, ask your family member to accept it in the app.