Create a virtual device group in Adaprox Home App

Powered by Adaprox cloud services, multiple devices under the same product category can be controlled synchronously via group control.

After the devices are successfully paired in the App, You can follow the steps below to create a virtual group.

Step 1

Click the + button in the upper-left corner of the main page in the App and select Group.

Step 2

Choose the product category for which you want to create the group.

Step 3

In the configuration stage, you need to enter the name of the new group, select a main device of the group as well as the rest member devices. After filling all the blanks, click confirm button to create the group.

Step 4

After the group is successfully created, a group button will appear in the main page of the App. You can simultaneously switch the power of all the devices in the group with a simple click.

Step 5

To adjust other device parameters, long press the group button to go the group control panel.