Create a smart scene in Adaprox Home App

It is easy to control a single device manually with the Adaprox Home App, but sometimes you need to change the state of multiple devices simultaneously. Then the easiest way is to create scenes instead of changing them one by one.

With a smart scene, you are able to control the states of different devices all at once. Also you can connect it to a home automation for a more convenient experience.

After the devices are successfully paired in the App, you can follow the steps below to create a smart scene.

Step 1

Click the middle button in the bottom bar to enter the scene page. Press + button in the upper-left corner then select Scene.

Step 2

Select the first target action of the scene. There are three available action types: Update device status, update automation status and delay.

Step 3

Add more actions in the configuration page if necessary and enter other basic information such as name and icon for the new scene. When the configuration is finished, click "Save" button to create the scene.

Step 4

Once the scene is successfully created, a scene button will appear on the scene page. You can click it to trigger the scene, or long press it to edit the configuration.