Create a home automation in Adaprox Home App

Adaprox Home App allows you to set up home automation to better organize your smart devices. For example, let the system automatically turn on the light when the motion sensor is activated by a movement.

After the devices are successfully paired in the App, you can follow the steps below to create a home automation.

Step 1

Click the middle button in the bottom bar to enter the automation page. Press + button in the upper-left corner then select Automation.

Step 2

Select the first trigger condition of the automation. There are two available condition types: device status changed and scheduler.

Step 3

Add more conditions and actions in the configuration page and enter other basic information for the new automation. When the configuration is finished, click "Save" button to create the automation.

Step 4

Once the automation is successfully created, an automation button will appear in the home automation page. You can click it to enable, disable or execute an automation, or long press it to edit the configuration.