Connect your Adaprox Home App with IFTTT

Step 1 (Optional)

Bind your device to a Bluetooth Bridge if your device uses Bluetooth as its wireless protocol.

Step 2

Launch your IFTTT app and click 'Create' at the bottom-left to enter the automation creation page.

Step 3

Whether you are using Adaprox devices as the trigger or action, search and choose 'Smart Life' as the service provider.

Step 4

Choose your intended trigger or action type, and then click 'Connect.' 

Step 5

Select your area and log in with your Adaprox account's email and password.  After authorizing, you are all set to use Adaprox devices with IFTTT.

Step 6 (Optional)

If your intended IFTTT action is to control your Fingerbot, go to Adaprox Home App and create a scene containing your intended actions. Then in IFTTT, select 'Active Scene' as the action type, and select the scene you created.