Connect your Adaprox Home App with IFTTT

Step 1 (Optional)

Bind your device to a Bluetooth Bridge if your device uses Bluetooth as its wireless protocol.

Step 2

Launch your IFTTT app and click 'Create' at the bottom-left to enter the automation creation page.

Step 3

Whether you are using Adaprox devices as the trigger or action, search and choose 'Smart Life' as the service provider.

Step 4

Choose your intended trigger or action type, and then click 'Connect.' 

Step 5

Select your area and log in with your Adaprox account's email and password, then select 'Adaprox Home' as the App you will log in to.  After authorizing, you are all set to use Adaprox devices with IFTTT.

Step 6 (Optional)

If your intended IFTTT action is to control your Fingerbot, go to Adaprox Home App and create a scene containing your intended actions. Then in IFTTT, select 'Active Scene' as the action type, and select the scene you created.