Smart Wireless Switch
Control smart devices with physical keys
No wires required | Long battery life | Home automation | Easy installation
Control smart devices with physical keys
Turn off lights without cutting the power
The wireless switch allows you to turn off your smart lights without cutting off the power supply, so the light will be still online for smart control.

Flexible Triggering

Each switch key supports 3 different key events: single click, double click, and long press.
Each of these 3 triggers can individually bind with a different series of device actions.

Double Click
Long Press
Flexible Triggering
You can bind different actions to different switches and change them whenever you like! Let Adaprox wireless switch be your physical automation trigger!
Enter sleep mode
With just one click, and the Adaprox system will:
Turn off all the lights in your home.
Turn on the bedside lamp and adjust it to the lowest brightness.
Make Adaprox camera enter patrol mode.
Enter get-up mode
With just one click, and the Adaprox system will:
Make Fingerbot push the button on the coffee maker.
Turn on bedroom light with gradually increasing brightness.
Turn on the living room aircon.
Trigger your siren alarm in an emergency
One click, and the adaprox siren alarm will make a continuous alarm to scare off any intruders.
Easy installation–no wires involved
Peel off the adhesive cover and install it, wire-free, on any surface with a single press of your fingers. The powerful 3M adhesive will make sure it stands firmly for years.

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