Display and report temperature and humidity
High precision| Long battery life| Home automation
A healthier and smarter life
Temperature and humidity are two fundamental indicators of home comfort, and they can vary significantly according to environmental conditions, which can affect your mood and health. With the help of Adaprox smart thermometer, your smart home system will know how to take better care of you.
High precision sensors
The inbuilt, high-precision digital sensor will sense the tiniest change in environment–even just 0.1 degrees in temperature and 1% RH in humidity.
Check your in-door T&H wherever you are
Adaprox smart thermometer allows you to check and trace your home T&H changes, giving you a better understanding of your home.

Awareness of the environment

After setting up home automation, your smart home will react instantly according to the change of temperature or humidity.

Turn on the humidifier when it is too dry in the room

Turn on the heater when it is too cold in the room

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Display and report temperater and humidity