Adaprox Smart Plug
Smartly control and monitor the power supply
Smart power control | Voltage & Current monitoring|Smart scene & Home automation
| Voice control & Remote control
Power is everything
From preventing and mitigating incidents, to saving energy costs, directly controlling appliances’ power is always your best solution. Now with Adaprox smart plug, your control over the power source becomes smart and safe.
Master the Power Cycle
The smart plug allows you to remotely cut off the power supply of your existing home appliances. When used in combination with the scheduler functions, you can arrange when to turn your appliances on and off.
Monitor the Power Usage
With the plug, you can monitor your appliance's real-time electric state including voltage, current, and power. Powered by Adaprox cloud services, the App will generate visualized usage report for you every month.

Works With Voice Assistant

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Smartly control and monitor the power supply