LUMI Sense Light
Comfortable warm lights | Human & light detection | Easy installation | Rechargeable
Comfortable Light
Comfortable Life
LUMI sense light glows with just the right amount of illumination to find your way in the dark. With a comfortable, carefully chosen color temperature of 3000K, you will never find it dazzling, only handy and comfortable.

Easy installation

Under bed

Guide you to find the missing items under the bed.


Keep you safe from tripping on stairs in the dark.


Finding your favorite coat has never been so easy.

LUMI sense light comes with two sensors: a motion detection sensor and a luminance sensor. It automatically turns on to show you the way when you pass by in the dark.
Unlike most sense lights on the market, LUMI sense light relies on a rechargeable lithium power system. Not only does it save your costs on the batteries, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

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