Millions of colors within fingers' reach
16million colors | Dimmable | Smart control | Home automation

Millions of colors with one tap

Cool Light

Whether for working, reading or meditating, just set the bulb to cold color, and enjoy a peaceful and concentrated environment.

Warm Light

Warm color can always make us feel cozy and comfortable. That coziness is now stored into a small bulb, and is ready to permeate your entire home.

Color Light

With more than 16 million colors to choose from, Adaprox LUMI makes sure you can bring the color you want to your home.

White mode
With the color temperature fully adjustable, whether you need to feel peaceful or cozy, the Adaprox LUMI Bulb can always meet your needs.
App Control
From changing color and brightness, to setting up home automations, everything you need for a smart life can be found on Adaprox Home App.
Group control
Adaprox LUMI bulbs can also be grouped together and change their colors at the same time, which makes it easier to conveniently create your own ambiance.

Works With Voice Assistant

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Millions of colors within fingers' reach