Alarm Siren
A 100dB siren to protect your whole house
Adjustable volume | Automation with sensors | Anti-removal | Power off protection
Adjustable Volume
From deterring burglars to alerting you about a water leak, Adaprox smart siren alarm is suitable for many scenarios with adjustable volume (up to 100dB).
Water leak detected
High Temperature in Baby's room
intrusion detected
Anti-removal & Power-off Protection
After being installed to your chosen mounting spot, the siren will instantly make its loudest noise if someone tries to remove it. The internal power system can last for 15 hours after the power source is cut off. You can always rest assured that your house is protected.
Automation with Sensors
The siren works with all kinds of Adaprox sensors, from water leak sensors, to door/window sensors, or even a camera. The siren accepts all their alert signals and you can customize the rule to determine how it should react.

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A 100dB siren to protect your whole house